Apparently Easter Lilies Bloom in June in Kennewick WA

Blooming Easter Lilies in June at a Kennewick home listed for sale

Easter Lilies in Bloom in Kennewick WA

Have you ever wondered what to do with those Easter Lilies you take home from church after the Easter is over. Usually we keep them until they stop blooming then place them into the composter known as the city dump.

But what you can do like this owner who has one of their homes for sale in Kennewick WA, is to plant them.

It’s very straight forward to do.

The soil you need to plant the lily in must be slightly acidic, but not too much.  A 50/50 Azalea mix with some compost works for the plant. Add a some B-12 fertilizer so the plant isn’t too shocked.

You will be tempted to dig up the lilies after several months because they will appear to die. This is normal and they will regrow to full size by next spring and bloom in late spring to early summer.

Enjoy the tip!