Resyncing ReadyNAS Duo Drives

RAID drive 1 is being resynced for use

I’ve been getting those annoying emails from my ReadyNAS Duo saying it’s time to swap out the drive for a new one. Persistent S.M.A.R.T errors that were growing one or two every week to 10 a day, and finally leaping several by several hundred.

The drive with errors was the one purchased with the RAID started getting errors a few months later which resulted in buying several drives which enabled the X-RAID capability.   (The first drive was a Western Digital and not on the recommended drive list and now resides in my workstation.

I purchased a pair of 1TB Seagate ST31000524AS to obtain the RAID capability and a spare for the eventual demise of this failing drive.

Replacing the drive is real easy.  Just shut down the NAS  — I believe that the drives are hot swappable, but I couldn’t remember so power of to be save — then yank out the old drive, unscrew the mounting hardware and then put it on the new drive.  Shove the sucker back in and power back on.  The NAS resyncs automatically.