We’re on a Mission for a Burrito

Mission Burrito Simi Valley

Today was one of the special days where you run out of supplies including the essentials like coffee, paper towels and dog food.  No matter how busy you are, you just got to make a Costco run to resupply at least before they close and preferably before feeding the dogs in the evening.

Basically that means I cannot skip lunch and have to make during the busy lunch hour.  Luckily we were able to drop off a few things for our Church’s Altar Guild and then head over to the Simi Costco.

We’ll there really isn’t too many places to eat in Simi and dread the fast food places even more than the $1.50 Costco hotdog, so we started driving down LA Ave. until we both agreed upon Mission Burrito.

We hardly get down to the east end of Simi Valley so this Mexican food joint often slips our mind and the last time that I remember eating there, the World Cup finals were on their TV.

When we lived and worked in Woodland Hills 20 years ago, MB in Canoga Park was on our weekly meal plan which meant for you could feed a family of 3 for under $20.

Of course we were glad to hear that MB opened in Simi saving us 10 mile drive into the San Fernando Valley but even then, it’s just a hassle to get in the car and drive 15 miles for Mexican.

Today it was worth the trip and will rotate out the Costco hotdogs for so real good authentic Mexican food.

We decided to get our favorites: Beef Tamale and Flauta Dinners, couple of sodas for about $18.  Super!

Beef Tamale Dinner at Mission Burrito


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