Disneyland Survival

We didn’t make it to Disneyland on Leap Day but a couple of our friends survived the capacity crowds Wednesday and were there also for the park closing on Saturday morning where a paper towel shaped object with a “spiritual message” caused quite a scare.

Trams were blocked up with crowds of people not knowing that it is a short walk to the Mickey and Friends parking lot where you’ll find scariest ride at the park:

Apparently there was an unreported incident or accident on the M&F escalator requiring a cleanup crew in “Ghost Buster’s” white environmental suits to mop up a nasty mess.

We nearly took a spill on the same “ride” when it seized so we avoid it and now walk down the stairs; cut across the parking lot to Downtown Disney and enter the park at the Monorail station.  Coming back we don’t mind taking the escalator up since climbing back up the five flights of stairs after spending a day at park is troublesome.