Pookie’s Thai still sweet and yummy as I remember it!

It’s been a perhaps a year since we’ve eaten at Pookie’s so it was a pleasant surprise when I ran into her at the Westlake Village Costco.  She couldn’t understand why no one at our company was eating there anymore.  I explained to Pookie that our R&D business unit was shut down and the storage production was sold off to another company.  Everyone left the area and went separate ways.

She was happy to hear that her food wasn’t the reason why no one from our office was eating there anymore and was glad that everyone landed better jobs or were doing things they wanted to do in the first place. She invited us to have lunch with her on Thursday and convinced my wife that she would do all the cooking for her.

I always order the Thai Ice coffee. The Thai tea is too sweet for me but the extra strength coffee offsets the sugar and cream that makes is just perfect.

Sweet and Delicious Thai Ice Cofee

Pookie took our order and did it from memory. Panang Veggies. My son ordered Panang, Chicken spicy. The same thing we’ve been getting for years. The lunch special comes with a salad and a very delicious honey mustard dressing. Not to sweet and not to hot. Just perfect! One of the best salad dressings ever.

Nothing better than Pookie's Yellow Curry Lunch Special

Unfortunately, Pookie remembered wrong or the cook got it wrong, so I ended up with a yellow curry veggie dish. I decided to try it anyway since I’ve had so much luck with her other dishes. I’m glad I did because it was the best curry I’ve ever had. Panang is just a red curry that is sweetened with coconut milk, but the yellow has a saltiness that complements the sweet coffee. Very good indeed!

If you’re ever in Westlake, be sure stop by and eat a Pookie’s. And tell her that Howard recommended the her place to you.

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