Trouble in Vacuum Cleaner Paradise

Ann spent most of Wednesday cleaning up after Christmas.  Taking off the ornaments and tinsel to have a nice clean house before the New Year starts.  I managed to do the heavy lifting putting the tree away until next year and packed up all the boxes in the garage.

She topped off the cleaning with a nice sweeping of the carpet to give it a nice fresh look.  She’s been using the Oreck because it seems to do a good job at cleaning up after our dachshunds and her preferred Dyson 17 was full and I couldn’t empty the canister since our garbage cans were full of the usual after Christmas stuffing’s.

I told her I would give the Dyson a good overall and cleaning to bring it back to new, but I’ve been too busying at work to get to the chore.  But a spider was spying on me in my home office and I needed the Dyson with the wand to suck up the little sucker.

The spider pretty big , but it just didn’t want to come out of the corner.  The wand had no oomph to it.  Eventually I got it and emptied the canister for my wife.   The suction was really weak so I dislogded as much as possible to get the fluffy stuff out plus all the 1/8th inch wide paper shreds I vacuumed up last week when I cleaned the paper shredder.

I thought I got it all but when I extended the wand out to full length the motor on the dyson seized requiring me to take the stupid thing apart.   After watching a few videos on how to unclog your dyson, I got the lower tube off and unclogged the remaining paper shreds along with a Sharpie I sucked up about a year ago.

The shapie still works btw.

My wife is nice and happy now since she likes the dyson over the oreck because it is easier to push.  I liek the oreck over the dyson because, I think it cleans better.