Hungry for a Spot Burger

It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten at The Spot in Carpinteria.  But I can tell you that they make one of  California’s best burgers.   Layers of lettuce and tomato make thicken the juicy burger where it is nearly impossible to open your mouth wide enough to eat.

Top that off with onion rings and you’re all set for an  incredible meal.

I personally like the double w/ cheese, but my wife likes the plain old hamburger.  I figure since we only get to eat there once every few years, I might as well get the most out of it.

Most people agree with me:
Spot on Urbanspoon

that it is great place to eat.

Their quality seemed to suffer a little when the original owners of about 30 years sold the burger joint, but that is no longer true and the quality is good as ever.

Be prepared to wait since they cook your meal to order.  Plus ask for the burger “well done” since it only adds to the flavor.

Besides burgers, they have a selection of Mexican entrees.  Taquitos is one of my favs, but the tamales are also good.