How to solve xinetd rsync problems

Yesterday was a very perplexing day trying.  Perhaps a complete waste of time setting up my ReadyNAS Duo backup jobs to rsync files from my vmware Ubuntu directly to the NAS.  Never mind that I already was running backups to the ReadyNAS using simple backup.  But no, I had to try it the hard way, I had to learn how to solve xinetd rsync problems.

I use vmware to experiment prior to going live and of course the whole point of rsyncd was to backup my Dachshund website and the multisite blogs that are living in the Rackspace cloud.  Get it to work here and apply it to the cloud server.  In theory, that should have be five minutes worth of work:

  1. Configure the /etc/rsyncd.conf file
  2. Configure the /etc/rsyncd.secrets file
  3. Add a /etc/xinetd.d/rsync service
  4. Restart xinetd

A simple test from bash: rsync me@localhost::share and it works just fine.

Next I configure the backup job from the ReadyNAS admin:

ReadyNAS rsync

ReadyNAS backup job configuration to rsync a remote server

Press the “Test Connection” and the connection hangs.

So I double check the files and everything looks good to go.  Try it again and still no good.

Now it’s time to add a log file by simply inserting “log file = /var/log/rsyncd.log” into /etc/rsyncd.conf.  Restarted the xinetd process then retest locally.  The log file shows:

2011/07/26 21:10:14 [24820] connect from localhost (::1)
2011/07/27 04:10:26 [24820] rsync on share/ from hyoung@localhost (::1)
2011/07/27 04:10:26 [24820] building file list
2011/07/27 04:10:26 [24820] sent 138 bytes  received 58 bytes  total size 0
2011/07/26 21:13:18 [24884] connect from localhost (::1)
2011/07/26 21:13:20 [24884] auth failed on module share from localhost (::1): password mismatch

Try it again from ReadyNAS.  Nothing.

Okay, I skip xinetd altogether and run rsync as a daemon.  Local test okay, ReadyNAS fail.  Spend a half a day trying to see if anyone else had this problem and apparently not.   Perhaps you have?

The whole point of the exercise was to get an automated backup of website -> ReadyNAS.  So you can also use FTP to run as the backup job protocol.  I got this to work on the first try.

After wasting my afternoon not getting this to work, I install the same configuration files onto the Cloud server.   Run rsync –daemon and test the connection from ReadyNAS.  What do you know, it works!  It’s gotta be something blocking the connection to the guest OS.  I’ll let you know once I figured out how to solve xinetd rsync problems.