I Got Taken for a Ride Today

Today I got to drive my BMW again which suits me just fine.  I’ve been driving my Wife’s MDX since the end of July when we picked up a new one to replace her Avalon which finally conked out or was just about to conk out.

The size of the SUV takes a little time to get used to and she is a little intimidated by the size of it so she settled driving my car until she could take her car out for a spin to get used to it.  When this is going to happen, I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m finding little things wrong with my car.  Perhaps it’s because I only get to drive it once in a while but I’m sure it’s something else.   The first thing that went out was the cup holder.  The ’97 Avalon and the ’02 BMW 530 cup holders are the worst design ever.  The 530 breaks and you have to replace the $50 part  every year and the Avalon’s simple causes your drink to flop forwards when you stop.

I order a new cup holder and an aftermarket one that inserts into the storage tray from Bavarian Autosport, a BMW online parts dealer.   (Both arrived today which I had fun replacing and now I have a real BMW cup holder or should I say my Wife now has one?)

Like I said, I got to drive to the BMW to work today but it was foggy and of course the wiper blades were starting to tear.  So I looked online and the replacement parts were $60 for a pair.   I don’t mind paying that much because these OEM wiper blades have lasted me 8 years and every time I bought a pair of blades from PepBoys, they last about a month and they start streaking.  After a year you have to replace them again.

Anyhow, by the time you add the shipping, these things are close to $75.   I’m sure that’s about the price I’m going to pay at the dealer so I run over to Steve Thomas to pick up a pair only because the forecast is for rain Monday and I can’t have my Wife driving with blades that are about to tear apart.

Well, the Dealer’s price was $90 plus tax.  The parts manager asked if I really wanted to buy these blades.  Did I have a choice?