BMW Smog Test Day

Smog Test

Emmissions Test being performed on a BMW 530i


I’ve been dreading this day — Smog Test Day for my 2002 BMW — ever since my wife’s Avalon failed last year.  I would have never guessed that a catalytic converter would fail, but it did and I already did a little research on BMW catalytic converter prices to brace myself if the technician said “your car failed the emissions test.”

I’ve been taking my cars over to the Smog Only Test Centers on 50 Skyline Drive since we moved to Thousand Oaks over 15 years ago.  With two cars that require the biennial test, I now have to head over once a year to pay the penance to the Clean Air Gods.  It’s nice that they send out a $10 coupon each year cutting the “tax” down to about $50.

Even thou this extra tax is somewhat a pain, the test does weed out the polluting cars like our Avalon in removing 100 tons of smog-forming emissions from the air each day.

My 8 year old 530i with only 60,050 miles on it passed surprising color.  What was even more impressive was that I averaged about 7,500 miles/year (which my State Farm Agent give us a generous discount).

ASM Emission Test Results

CO2 (%) – 15.0

O2 (%)- 0.0

HC (PPM) – 3 (MAX 51)

CO (%)- 0.01 (MAX 0.48)

NO (PPM) – 7 (MAX 419)

All test passed!