Disneyland Employee Choir is Awesome

Last Monday, I rehearsed Candlelight with the awesome Disneyland Employee Choir from the Burbank area.  I was surprised that I knew the majority of the arrangements by heart and only circled a few places where I missed a rest or a note.

I was seated in the 2nd Tenor section so I had to double check the music several times to make sure that I was on pitch when the 1st and 2nd Tenors split and I was reading 1st.

I know I was on pitch but I seemed to confuse one of the rookie 2nds who was in the process of learning the music until I told him I was singing 1st.  I need to learn the second part since those notes a much easier to hit without squeaking them out.

They went over with the Choir what you can and can’t wear.  Turn of your cell phone. What day to sign up.  Can you sing two at two performances?  (We have to sing at both.) Etc.

One  hundred sixty singers make up the “Christmas Tree” and you have to be under 5′ (or was it over?) if you want to be the star at the top of the tree.

The intermission between performances is usually in the Mr. Lincoln attraction, but it is moved this year to “Honey I shrunk the Kid,” or “It’s a Bug Life.”  This is good since the Mr. Lincoln attraction is somewhat cramped for 500 Choir members.

Disneyland is not offering the Candlelight Dinner Package though their Hotel Restaurants this year to get the reserved seating, but you can get reserved seats if you’re a D23 member.

Jon Voight is the Candlelight Narrator this year.

Next Monday, I’ll get to practice with the entire 250 Employee Choir combined from both Orange, LA and other surrounding counties.  The whole room will be filled but not segregated into SATB sections as in normal rehearsals.  It should be as close to real thing without the orchastra.