One Month Until Candlelight 2009

There’s just one short month left for practicing for Disney’s Candlelight Procession. If you don’t have the arrangements memorized by now, you need to work extra hard and get some extra practice in.

Last night we practiced the last two arrangements along with Sing Noel.  I have about 95% of the music committed to memory and it’s always fun missing those notes watching the expression on our Choir Director’s face.

The last two arrangements are hard on my voice (especially the Hallelujah Chorus) since they were written for a First Tenor and my top range is about a F# or perhaps an A-Natural on a good night.  Forget anything above an E-flat early in the morning and I’m usually referring to the piano keyboard layout to find the middle-C until the coffee kicks in.

We’re extending choir practice an extra 1/2 hour so that we can read the whole Processional and get enough time in to practice our anthems and Christmas program.

We’re also fortunate to have Jim Wibur, the Disney Employee Choir Director, as a member of  our Choir since he knows all four parts by heart.  Perhaps we’ll have a rehearsal with his Choir…

With only one month to go, there’s very little time left.  Four or five rehearsals left then the Regional Rehearsal at Holy Trinity.  The Candlelight recording sure do help but the rehearsals is where the fine tuning takes place.

Keep rehearsing for the Big Day!