2009 Disneyland Candlelight Audition Tape

Thursday we heard the Disneyland candlelight audition tape that was submitted for the 2009 Processional.  It sounded very good indeed!  Of course, we participated in the 2008 Candlelight, so we knew the music by heart.  There is a high probability that we’re heading back to Disneyland for a second time.  But you never know since Disney tends to rotate new Choirs in for better area participation.

Regardless, we’re going to watch the Sunday Night 2009 Candlelight since our Disneyland Annual Passport is not blocked out that for that day.  If we do make it this year, we’ll probably sing in the mass choir on Saturday and spend the night down in Anaheim either at the Grand Hotel or another hotel in the park.

It was a very tiring day spending 3 hours in the backlot plus 2 hours of singing.  By the time we got out of the park it was nearly 9:30 PM and had enough time to go back to the car and re-enter for a few rides and fireworks.  Next time, I’m going to be prepared, relaxed and enjoy it.