Scariest Ride at Disneyland

Photo of the 5 Story High Mickey & Friends Escalator

Without a doubt, the scariest ride at Disneyland is the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure escalator.  When you first step onto the escalator, you’re looking down a steep 5 stories starting at the Donald parking level.

If you’re afraid of heights, it’s a the point where you know if you fall, you’re going to split open like a watermelon and die.

The first time I rode the scariest ride at Disneyland, I had an uneasy feeling that if this escalator stopped suddenly, everyone would take a terrible tumble down to the bottom.

I had this same uneasy feeling as my wife and I started downwards to the waiting trams at noon on 3/20. Without warning, the terrifying feeling manifested when the escalator malfunctioned and jolted to a complete stop. Hundreds of passengers surged forward flying downward into the guest in front of them.

The screams of terror were deafening as I landed feet first on the next step below.  My one handed grip on the rail saved me from what would have ruined the near perfect day at Disneyland.

The scariest ride at Disney is indeed the Mickey & Friends Escalator.