Level 4 Space Ranger

To infinity and beyond! I’m now a Level 4 Space Ranger.

Buzz LightYear Level 4

Ranger 1: Howard Young; Ranger 2: Sue Smits

After the Candlelight Procession, we (three sopranos and a tenor) had two hours before the Disneyland closed. We rode Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster and I made it to Level 4.

We got lots of pointers from Jim and Suzy Wilber, who are in the Disneyland Choir (and also Choir members of Holy Trinity Lutheran). Suzy has a personnel best of Level 6.

Jim and Suzy shared their Astro Blaster secrets with me.  I didn’t include one of Jim’s favorite hitting the target in the last room as you pull away backward cause I just haven’t figured out which Astro Blaster target he’s talking about yet.