Advent is Here

Pastor Frank always gets the kids excited when the last 4th Advent Candle is lit ’cause it means that Christmas is almost here.  Of course today is the first of day Advent — the new Church Year — 2009 years after the birth of Christ.

Yesterday, my wife, on Altar Guild, spent Saturday dusting off the Advent wreath and filling the four Advent candles. The fifth one is lit on Christmas Eve.  The wreath lays horizontal with 4 candles mounted on top; the fifth Advent candle is in the center of the wreath.

The Choir has today off and next Saturday, were singing in Disney’s Candlelight Processional on the 2nd week of Advent.  One more week left to practice memorizing the arrangement.

know this doesn’t sound the same as “Happy New Year,” but Advent is here. Happy Advent!